Student Registration

In order to ensure a smooth registration process, please read this page carefully.

*Note: You may experience difficulty if attempting to register on a mobile device. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome browsers on a desktop computer. 

Kindergarten: Your student must be 5 years of age ON OR BEFORE August 1st to register for the 2024-2025 school year.

Click here to watch a video walkthrough of the Kindergarten Registration process.

Elementary students using microscopes

New Student Registration

Please click here Pre-Registration Information form and complete the Pre-Registration Information form. Please ensure you are in the correct academic year when registering your incoming student. Please complete the Pre-Registration form even if you already have an existing PowerSchool account for your child through Glenview Daycare or the SEED program.

Next Steps

Communication: You will receive two emails.

First Email: Enrollment Pre-registration Received for Bay Village City Schools

Second Email: Welcome to the Bay Village City School District - This email will contain the instructions to create a PowerSchool Parent account and finish the registration process.

An Access ID and Access Password are located at the bottom of the second email (case sensitive). This information is needed when you create your parent account or to add the student to your existing account.

If you already have a PowerSchool account because you have a student that is attending Bay Village Schools, you will NOT need to create a new account, simply add your child to your existing account using the Access ID and Access Password.

If you already have a PowerSchool established for your child because your child attended the Glenview Childcare Center or SEED Preschool, please review and resign the Registration K-12 forms.


Once you have your student added to your PowerSchool account, click on tab with student name and then click the blue "Forms" link in the left navigation bar.  You will then click on the "Enrollment" tab, at the top of the page. Complete the Registration K-12 forms.

Once you click submit, it will automatically take you to the next form.  Reminder: A red asterisk (*) indicates field MUST be completed.

Documents Required for Registration

1. Student Birth Certificate

2. Parent/Guardian state or federal issued photo ID (Must be valid)

3. Primary proof of residence-(must provide one of these acceptable documents); current mortgage statement, deed, purchase agreement, signed rental agreement by both landlord and renter with effective dates.

If you are residing in a home owned by relatives/friends, Homeowner (relative/friend) will need to complete and have notarized the Owner Affidavit Form (When living with a relative/friend) . This form must be downloaded, completed and form will need to be submitted along with homeowner's two proofs of residency.

The residency information supplied is true and accurate and not made up for the purpose of circumventing the attendance laws of the State of Ohio or the policies of the Bay Village School Board of Education requiring legal residency in order to attend the Bay Village Schools.

4. Second Proof of Residence-(must provide one of these acceptable documents; property tax bill, current water bill, gas or electric bill, letter of verification of service established for utility service for water, gas, or electric, homeowners or renters insurance declaration page or most recent pay stub from your employer with current Bay Village address)

5. Immunization Records

6. Custody or Guardian papers (if applicable)

7. Child's IEP, ETR, or 504 (if applicable)

Pre-School Physical Form (Required ONLY when registering a student in the SEED program at our Glenview Childcare and Early Learning Center).

Please upload all required registration documents in the Upload Enrollment Documents Form or email to You may also mail the documents to Bay Village City School District 377 Dover Center Rd. Bay Village, OH 44140 or place in a sealed envelope in our Drop Off box at the District Office.

Once the documents for your child are received, a confirmation email from the District Registrar will be emailed to you stating the registration is complete. If documents are still needed, you will receive a follow-up email listing those items to complete.

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Please contact the Registrar with any questions.

Pat Reitz, District Registrar
377 Dover Center Rd
Bay Village, OH 44140
Phone: 440-617-7304
FAX: 440-617-7301