Bus-Riding Families:

We encourage all bus-riding families to check the updated routes.

The Bay Village City School District provides transportation for students as follows:

  • Students in grades K-2 living more than one mile from Normandy Elementary are eligible for bus transportation.

  • Students in grades 3-4 living more than one and one-half miles from Westerly Elementary are eligible for bus transportation.

  • Students in grades 5-8 living more than two miles from Bay Middle School are eligible for bus transportation.

  • Special education students are provided transportation as outlined in their IEP.

  • Students attending vocational instruction are provided transportation as required.

  • Students living in Bay Village and attending private or parochial schools who meet the above requirements are eligible for bus transportation to schools within a bus driving time distance of 30 minutes (unless number of riders or other reasons noted in the Ohio Revised Code lead the Board to deem the route impractical--in which case district will offer payment "in lieu of" transportation).

Our Goal

Our goal is to make your trip to and from school as timely, safe and pleasant as possible. Please help us by reading and carefully following the rules in our Student Transportation Handbook. The Handbook also gives instructions for parents making special requests.

Tom Knick, Transportation

Tom Knick, Transportation


Tom Knick, Transportation Supervisor


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