The audit report of the fiscal year 2023 financial statements is available at the following link: Ohio Auditor of State

The annual financial report of the Bay Village City School district for 2023 has been completed. The report is available for inspection at the office of the treasurer at 377 Dover Center Road, Bay Village, Ohio 44140.


Hello, I’m Mrs. Meghan Rohde, Treasurer for the Bay Village City School District. 

The financial team’s priorities include being good stewards of your tax dollars, and to be completely transparent in our financial analysis and reporting. As a result, I am honored to share that Bay Village Schools has received the Auditor of State Award seven out of the last eight years. This award honors school districts who receive clean audit reports from the state of Ohio. 

According to the 2023 Ohio Department of Education Report Card, Bay Village Schools spends 72.1% of its annual budget on classroom instruction. This means that most of every dollar spent by the district goes directly to its students in the classroom. This percentage is higher than the overall state average (67.5%). The District's investments in our students has led to consistent top academic achievement among all schools in the state of Ohio.

As a former auditor, I am committed to constantly looking for new ways to save the District money, and to enhance the District’s financial performance.

I look forward to working with you to best serve our learning community!


Meghan Rohde, Treasurer

Treasurer's Office Responsibilities:

  • Serves as the custodian for all District monies

  • Records all receipts and pays all District financial obligations

  • Pay salaries and maintains tax records for over 350 District employees

  • Certifies all financial records needed by the Ohio Department of Education

  • Works with the Superintendent to prepare the District budget.

  • Invests all District funds to maximize returns and maintain high bond rating

  • Continue to receive an unqualified opinion from the State Auditor's Office