Masking Status

Weekly Dashboard

Weekly Individual Positive Cases

Here is a summary of our updated COVID protocol: 

  • Masks are recommended in our spaces.

  • We will be updating the district dashboard weekly vs. daily, on each Friday afternoon, as information becomes available.

  • We will still be reporting via email positive cases in classes, as well as reporting classroom “clusters” to CCBH (the latter is still required by the CCBH). Note: The district will continue to use its primary metric for masking protocol:

Pre-K-Grade 4 Model

  • 3 or more cases in a classroom within a week, including the teacher or aide.

  • Reaching or going beyond this threshold will result in a shift to masking required for 

    that classroom. If multiple classrooms meet this threshold, a decision to shift to masking 

    required for 10 days at the grade or building level will be made.

  • Families will be notified by email when a case occurs in their classroom. (Note:

    Glenview families will continue to receive building-wide emails for each positive case,

    per our licensing requirements.)

Grades 5-12 Model

  • 21 or more cases within a week at Bay Middle School, including teachers or aides.

  • 21 or more cases within a week at Bay High School, including teachers or aides.

  • Reaching or going beyond this threshold at each school will result in a shift to masking required for 10 days at that individual building level.

Families will be notified by email for a grade-level case that occurs at their school, either Bay Middle School or Bay High School. 

Additional Notes:

  • The Mask to Stay, Test to Play protocol for K-12 schools remains in effect, as required by the ODE and ODH. Mask to Stay, Test to Play supports in-person learning by allowing any student exposed to COVID-19, but not symptomatic or COVID-19 positive, to remain in school while appropriately and consistently wearing a mask.

  • We will continue to practice healthy hand hygiene behaviors, and continue frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces. 

  • Students who are sick should stay home from school. 


Now is a good time to remind everyone that mitigation strategies help reduce transmission of all infectious diseases, including COVID and the flu. 


Warning Flag Metrics indicate there is a possible change occurring in the pandemic data. If these metrics are met, the district will be closely monitoring our internal data, along with our city and county data, and will discuss the need to make a change in our district masking protocol. 

  • Weekly cases of 20 or more in Bay Village

  • Weekly cases of 300/100,000 cases in Cuyahoga County

We will continue our current mitigation strategies, including: Social distancing of at least 3 feet; frequent handwashing; windows open, so dress in layers; continue to distance at lunch; and frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

Things to Know:

  • We will continue to report weekly information on this dashboard. 

  • The district will communicate any changes to masking protocol as they occur. 

  • Universal contact tracing is no longer required to be conducted within the school environment, but cluster reporting is now required. 

  • If you are a close contact from an outside of school exposure or someone in your household tests positive, regardless of your vaccination status, you can come to school if you are asymptomatic, but must mask for 10 days, regardless of the district’s masking protocol, per the ODH Mask to Stay/Test to Play guidelines.

Masking indoors, especially where social distancing is not possible, is still strongly recommended by the CDC. Masks are now a part of your school supplies; bring a mask to school every day.

Important Information for Families

To keep cases to a minimum, please check for symptoms before coming to school each day. Additionally, if you or your student is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19: 

  • Review the Coronavirus Self-Checker

  • Continue to stay home from school and avoid other activities around other people.

  • Notify the school.

  • Seek medical care and testing for COVID-19 by contacting your family health care provider. 

  • Any further questions or concerns, please contact our District Nurse Valerie Ambrose.