Local Scholarships

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Please note: All scholarship amounts can be subject to change at the discretion of the donor. We thank all of our donors for their support and generosity!

Local Scholarship Applications for Bay High seniors:

The Bay Village Community can be proud of the many local scholarship opportunities for our students. Below is a list of local scholarships. Carefully review the criteria for each scholarship and determine which ones you meet the minimum qualifications for and then proceed to the online application process. 

All applications contain the same information in Parts A-C. Some may also include an additional extended response question after these sections. To save yourself time, it is recommended that you first complete your application template, then copy/paste information from Parts A-C of the template into the scholarships you wish to apply for. Make sure you read and complete each application completely.

NOTE: You will need to submit a Google Form and upload a copy of your transcript for EACH scholarship application that you submit.

Application Checklist:
(Click here for a video walkthrough of this process)

  1. Review each scholarship below

  2. Click on the name of a scholarship to make your own copy of the application, then

  3. Submit an application for EACH scholarship (linked below) including an uploaded copy of your transcript.

  4. Ask ONE staff member to complete the Staff Recommendation Form--only ONE staff member (linked below -- click here for a sample request prompt)
    -- NOTE: Students will NOT have access to staff recommendations --

  5. Repeat steps 1-3 for as many scholarships you apply to.




Bay Village Education Foundation
2 - $1,500 each

Active in the local community by way of his/her involvement in affairs such as civic, government, school seniors, youth, church and social activities.

Bay Alumni Foundation
2 - $1,000 each:

Academics: Student who demonstrates a clear commitment to academics and has performed at a 2.5 grade level or above during their time at BHS.
Community Commitment: Student has demonstrated a commitment to fellow students in the Bay School District – as well as the community of Bay Village:
- Active mentor / tutor for younger students in the district and or community programs – academics, music/arts, history, sciences. Demonstrates leadership qualities and applies them to the benefit of future Bay High School students OR
- Active in a community-based organization(s) that has (have) yielded defined benefit for the community

Class of 1966

Awarded to a graduating senior who has shown exceptional success in academics, gives back through community service and exemplifies school spirit. The student must have plans to attend any accredited 4-year college, university or a career technical school to further their education.

Bay Men’s Club
4 - $ TBD

Lived in Bay Village for four years, a grade point average of 3.0 and who wants to continue his/her education at a recognized college or university and can demonstrate a need for help.

Bay Music Boosters
# varies - $1,000

Applicant must be a graduating senior who has been accepted as a music performance or music education major at an accredited College, University, or Music School.

Bay Rockets Association
2 - $1,000

A graduating high school senior attending a post-secondary educational institution. Student does not have to have participated in any sports during his/her senior year. Student cannot have been suspended for any reason during his/her senior year.

Bay Soccer Club
$ - varies

Must have actively participated in BSC programs as a player, coach, referee, instructor, field maintenance worker, data assistant, or held a student leadership position that supported the activities of BSC.

Bay Village Foundation
3- $2,000

Active volunteer in Bay
Village educational, civic or cultural activities.

Bay Village PTA Council
$ - varies

Intends to pursue a career that promotes the welfare, protection and or the education of youth (not limited to a career in education). Actively involved in the school and community. GPA of 2.8 or better. The student is a U.S. citizen. The parent of the student is a member of PTA or PTSA.

Bay Village Women’s Club
6 - $2,500

Must have attended BHS for at least two years.
Must be a graduating senior in good standing who is ranked in the upper half of the class.
Decisions will also be based on financial need.

Bobby Peden Rocket POWer Scholarship
2 - $1,086 each

Preference to athletes and/or those overcoming adverse circumstances.

The Carleen H. Bonds Family

ESL program participant

Bay Village Chapter, League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland
2 - $2,000

For a Bay High Senior whose activities reflect an interest in the democratic process at any level.  Completion of an assigned essay is a requirement.  Open to both males and females.

John T. Cahoon Scholarship Fund
$500, renewable for up to four years

Success in completion of a challenging 4-yr curriculum; Participation & leadership in the BHS Vocal & Instrumental Program; Active participation in school, church & community activities & service.

Kiwanis Club of Bay Village
$ - varies

A Bay High graduating senior pursuing post high school education and an active member in a community service organization while exhibiting servant leader qualities.

Magellan Scholarship Trustees

This scholarship is offered to a graduating senior who will be attending an out-of-state, 4-year college, preferably a highly ranked national university. First preference given to students attending the University of Michigan. Student must show academic achievement and promise, is hard working, ambitious & has an adventuresome character.

Michelle Safarz Memorial Scholarship Committee

For a Bay High School graduating senior who has an interest in Science and a passion for academics. The recipient exemplifies the phrase "keep calm and carry on," by possessing qualities such as grit, hard work, and perseverance in overcoming adversity and everyday challenges.

Bradley Bay Health Center

Pursuing a career in nursing as an RN or LPN, minimum 3.0 GPA

Rich Voiers/Bay Alumni Foundation
1 - $1,000

To a graduating Bay High senior who has been a member of Bay High's Varsity Boys/Girls Basketball team.

Sabrina Noelle Foundation
$ - varies

A student who demonstrates the importance of nurturing one's mental health.  This individual displays compassion to those who struggle or have struggled with a mental health illness.

Thomas and Thomas West Shore Studio

Strong academic history, a social consciousness and a commitment of voluntarism.

Randazzo Family
3 - $1,000 each

Student will be attending college or trade school; involved in music at BHS (e.g. choir, band, orchestra, musicals, stage crew, etc.); participated in community involvement activity

Tim Todd Family

Awarded every other year (even numbered) to a senior member of the Bay High Wrestling team who has exhibited a strong commitment directed toward excellence as a high school wrestler.

Trevor Walsh Foundation

A graduating senior student-athlete with a GPA of 2.8 or higher. The student must demonstrate how they are kind to others while bringing happiness and laughter to the lives of others. The recipient also exemplifies what it means to be a loyal friend.

Tom & Molly Mack

For a Bay High School graduating senior who initiated and nurtured an authentic, long-term friendship with a classmate facing challenges (disability, health, social/emotional, etc.). The recipient is a shining example of how kindness, compassion, and inclusion can forever change lives and positively impact the culture of Bay Schools, making it "cool to be kind".


Those joining a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program on entry into college; attending a service academy on graduation (e.g. West Point); or enlisting in any branch of military service in a Reserve unit or in the National Guard, who will later enter college on completion of basic and/or advanced training.

Village Bicycle Cooperative

Pursuing higher education in sustainability or mechanical trade school

Village Project
3- $1,000

For a Bay High School graduating senior who has made a significant impact on The Village Food Project while demonstrating leadership, a positive attitude, and a servant’s heart.

Bay Village
Education Foundation
on behalf of
Dr. Frederick Weiland and Mary Vysocky
2 - $1,000

Students planning to study law enforcement, fire safety, or some other field of study focusing on public health and safety.

Westlake Bay Village Rotary Club

Attend a college or university in the State of Ohio and owned/operated by the State of Ohio or a political subdivision of Ohio.

Bay High School is grateful to our local scholarship providers, including those who do not require or accept applications.